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Named to the annual New City Chicago "Lit 50: Who Really Books Chicago" list for my advocacy on behalf of the Authors Guild. (Scroll down to #25)


Interview with The Colégas Group


Third Coast Review: Chicago Author's Book About U.S. Nazis Makes Him a 2017 Media Expert


Books Q&A with Deborah Kalb


Patricia Ann McNair: The Writer's Handful with Arnie Bernstein


Chicago Review of Books: Local Author Spotlight: Arnie Bernstein Loves a Good Story


Writers Read Blog: What is Arnie Bernstein Reading?


Writers Inspired: Q&A with Arnie Bernstein




New York Times review (second one down)


Chicago Tribune: Literary Saloon Over the Transom


Washington Post: The night thousands of Nazis packed Madison Square Garden for a rally — and violence erupted


Washington Post: When Nazis rallied in Manhattan, one working-class Jewish man from Brooklyn took them on


The Daily Beast: New York's Nasty Old Nazi Problem


Politico: When Nazis Filled Madison Square Garden


Christian Science Monitor: How Did American Nazism Begin?


Gothamist: "They Didn't Just Go Away:" Historial Talks About NYC's 1939 Nazi Rally


De Usuris: Arnie Bernstein on Fritz Kuhn 80 Years Later


Times of Israel: When Hitler Youth Summered Near Long Island


NPR History Blog: Nazi Summer Camps in 1930s America?


Happy Wonker Book Club: Uncle Sam's First Nazis


Man of La Book review


Socialist Worker: Rise of the "Ratzis"


Everybody's Trending Blog: Can It Happen Again?


Failure Mag: Fritz Kuhn and the German-American Bund


PopMatters: Could It Happen In America?


Beverly Review: Local Author's Book Chronicles Nazi Hunters


The History Reader: Six Things You May Not Have Known About American Nazis



Verkkouutiset: "When 22,000 Nazis marched in New York City - the new extreme right is compared to the US in the 1930s" News article in Verkkouutiset, a Finland news source (in Finnish)


Index: Nazis in America (Hungarian, translated into English)


History of EverythingInterview with the Polish magazine Historia do Rzeczy (History of Everything). (In Polish)


Gildia: USA in the Shadow of the Swastika (Polish, translated into English)


Racjonaliste: USA in the Shadow of the Swastika (Polish, translated into English)





Wonders & Marvels: Out of the Horror: The Bath School Bombing and a Writer's Journey


A review by Safe Havens International, the world's leading non-profit campus safety center committed to helping schools and school systems improve crisis preparedness and campus safety


Smithsonian: The 1927 Bombing That Remains America's Deadliest School Massacre


Click On Detroit: 91 Years Later Michigan's Bath School Disaster Remains Deadliest Attack of its Kind in the US


Michigan Live: Michigan Marks 90th Anniversary of Nation's Deadliest School Massacre


Lansing State Journal: Bath School Bombing: Oldest Surviving Student Recalls "How Awful It Was"


Michigan Live: 44 Dead After 1927 School Bombings; "It Was Unthinkable," Author Says


Historic True Crime: Interview with Arnie Bernstein


The Daily Mail: Chilling echoes of Sandy Hook: Survivors of America's deadliest school massacre in which 45 children and teachers died show solidarity with the people of Newtown


Christian Science Monitor: America's deadliest school violence? Not Columbine, but Bath, MI in 1927


Grand Rapids Press: Bombing in Bath, Michigan: Book Shows How Technology, Anger Fueled the 1927 Mass Killing



The Chicago Books Articles & Reviews


Chicago Reader: In Print: The History of Hollywood on the Lake


American Civil War Roundtable UK: The Hoofs and Guns of the Storm


Chicago Reader: At the Movies With Carl Sandburg