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Writing, Editing, & Coaching

I'm your expert in all aspects of editorial support, developing content, ghostwriting, grant & speech writing, writing coach and teacher. Your story is the story that matters.


When you work me, you're getting an internationally published nonfiction writer, writing teacher, editor, and coach, with 25+ years in the business. 

Specialties include:

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Editorial review

  • Analytical skills

  • In-depth interviews

  • Copyediting

  • Content creation

  • Speech and grant writing

  • Ghostwriting that speaks in your voice

  • Enhancing corporate messaging through storytelling

  • Moderator for seminars/panel discussions


Reach your goals with your writing, business, nonprofit work, and ghostwriting. I've worked as a business journalist for publications in Chicago and London, England. Other work includes ghost writing for nationally prominent clients, creating award-winning marketing campaigns for higher education, plus grant writing, speech writing, and publicity work.

My multifaceted editorial services cover all aspects of editorial process from creating content to final draft.

  • Ghostwriting that brings your voice to the page

  • Enriching your distinctive message through engaging storytelling

  • In-depth research to support editorial content

  • Speechwriting & grant writing

  • Developing & hosting seminars/panel discussions


I've given my insights and talents to panel discussions, speeches and presentations, and individual coaching.  Conferences and presentations in the United States and England.


My expertise as an educational speaker has been utilized by such institutions as Northwestern University, DePaul University, University of Illinois-Chicago, plus other colleges, universities, libraries, corporations, nonprofits, and private venues. 


Your story has power. Together we can bring what you have to say to audiences and with maximum impact. 

Writing Workshops & Classes

Where Were You When...? 

Where where you on 9/11? When your favorite team won the title? Or another collective moment we all experienced in some way or other?

These moments elicit lasting emotional imprints which can and should be shared. They are critical milestones in our personal and national development, and learning to identify and craft them into story can become a gifted legacy for others to enjoy.


This memoir workshop helps you to explore your personal connection to a shared cultural moment. Through writing exercises, group discussion, and journaling you'll learn to craft your "I'll always remember where I was when..." memoir, a story as unique as your experience within the larger picture of the moment.

Enjoy a free 30-minute consultation and learn how we can work together to reach your writing goals. Fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

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I could not have gotten the nonfiction  book deal I did without working with Arnie Bernstein on my rough draft. He saw right through the clutter of my words and helped me focus on what I should be saying more clearly. He helped me refine and define my project in a way that I was able to find an editor and publishing house. He is easy to work with and a very gifted writer and editor. Thanks Arnie for putting me and my book on the right path towards completion.    
    Melanie W.


Working with Arnie was incredibly validating for me as an emerging writer. Arnie was encouraging, supportive and generous with sharing his knowledge and insights. His process for writing narrative non-fiction was easy to follow and helped me see how to break down my ideas into manageable pieces. I can’t wait to get started. 

    Lynne W.

"Arnie Bernstein is an expert writer and writing coach who consistently provides engaging, resourceful, and entertaining instruction to our classes. He is a gem!"

  Stephanie Rogers, Story Jam Creative Director

"Arnie was awesome. He got me pointed in the right direction and helped me overcome my weaknesses when writing. The tutoring experience was more than helpful. He is wonderful!"

   Maria C.

"Fantastic editor and writing coach. Thank you!"
  Shanna L.

“Arnie remains the most passionate and disciplined writer I've had the privilege to work with over several decades. Always highly professional, he was pleasure to work with. You can trust that Arnie will go to great lengths to understand your subject and goals to deliver a well-informed, thoughtful message.”

  Dawn M. 


“Arnie is a truly dedicated writer and scholar as well as a devoted educator. His written contributions are creative, original and greatly enhance any writing project of which he is a part. Working with him is a pleasure because he pays close attention to details in all aspects of the project, to which he also offers valuable critical insight. He provides encouragement and meticulous fact checking for many budding authors as well as some already accomplished writers who are grateful for his continued, thorough feedback. Any writing project will benefit greatly from Arnie's deep wisdom, keen input and helpful collaboration, and those who have already worked with him, including myself, will surely return to work with him in future projects.”

   Marceline B.

"Having published three of Arnie Bernstein's books; hired him for a handful of copywriting jobs; and participated with him in a number of professional, creative, and social settings over a period of 12 years, I would recommend him for any task, project, job that he would seek out. His work is creative, well-researched and supported, professional, high-quality. He's hardworking, passionate, dedicated, and reliable about his work, and personable, caring, fun, and loyal to the people around him."

   Sharon W.

"Arnie is a joy to work with, talk to, and learn from - his passion is palpable, his humor always keeps me smiling, and underneath it all, he provides some real simple wisdom that you would be foolish not to listen to. Can we book in our next conversation yet?"

   Alex O.


“Arnie's deadline-driven, can-do attitude is a strong point. But perhaps more significant is the way he can make the most mundane material come alive through a unique angle or contrary point of view, provocative insights, and clever phrasing.  His love for the art of writing results in a fun and entertaining read for his followers and enjoyable experience for colleagues.”

   Denise C.


“The brilliance of Arnie Bernstein's writing and scholarship is apparent to anyone fortunate enough to read one of his many fine books; but it is his kindness, empathy, and generosity of spirit which set him apart as an artist, collaborator, and educator.


“Throughout what became an incredibly long and arduous process, not only the creation of my updated manuscript but the four years of limbo while the book languished unpublished; Arnie was always generous with his time despite facing his own set of deadlines on other projects, free with advice and tips without seeming didactic, and upbeat and encouraging during the years of limbo without sugarcoating the realities of the publishing industry.


“Arnie remains a sagacious mentor on the topic of marketing/promoting books and the vicissitudes of the publishing industry; not to mention a shining example of how to properly conduct oneself as an author and scholar.”

   Michael C.

Testimonials & Reviews

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