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Swastika Nation: Fritz Kuhn and 
The Rise and Fall of
The German-American Bund

Swastika Nation: Fritz Kuhn and the Rise and Fall of the German-American Bund chronicles a pro-Nazi movement that swept the United States in the 1930s. However, their dream of America under a swastika flag and ruled by their leader Bundesführer Fritz Kuhn, attracted powerful foes.


Through the independent work of many larger than life figures--including the duo of New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia and prosecuter Thomas Dewey, the newly-formed Congressional House Committee on Un-American Activities, the bulldog reporting of newspaper columnist Walter Winchell, and the distinctive methods employed by Jewish mobsters Meyer Lansky, Longy Zwillman, Bugsy Siegel, and Mickey Cohen--Kuhn and the German-American Bund came to an inglorious end.


All this, plus a supporting cast that includes Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Jack Ruby, Edward G. Robinson, and many others. It's a book that's jam packed with incredible tales, a wild slice of American history you won't be able to put down. (St. Martin's Press & Picador)


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Polish translation published by Rebis Publishing House of Poznan, Poland

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FBI Files on the German-American Bund available through FOIA

Critical Praise for Swastika Nation


"...a fresh account of a well-documented era."


Publishers Weekly

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